About Wysiap   “This is the answer to all the riddles.”
Wysiap stands for “Would you superpower if arbitrary penalty?” It is a thinker's game, a game in which you dare others to either embrace or spurn a theoretical life-altering proposition — or force them to admit that their frail mind is simply unable to decide.

Wysiap started as a game amongst friends (you know who you are). Well, not really a game, more just a thing to do when everyone got bored at a party. But eventually, it became the thing that these friends often did at most gatherings. The goal was to come up with a wysiap so evenly-balanced that it was impossible to accept or reject it. A really good wysiap would cause
  1. uproarious laughter,
  2. heated debate, and (rarely)
  3. physical violence.
A game this thought-provoking simply cannot remain “offline” — it must be made available to the content-mongering Internet populace, across boundaries of time and space. And that is the purpose of this site.

So go vote on some wysiaps. Extol and belittle with your comments. And if you think you've got what it takes, go ask a wysiap of your very own.